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Pre-Order: Peanut - Per stuk


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Geniet van M&M’s maar dan met extra proteine!!

Let op! Dit is een pre-order. We versturen je order uiterlijk op 17/7

Milk chocolate ​(16%) ​(sugar‌, cocoa butter‌,skimmed MILK powder‌, cocoa mass‌, lactose and protein from whey(MILK)‌, palm fat‌, whey powder (MILK)‌, MILK fat‌, emulsifiers ​(E322(SOYA)‌, E476)‌, vanilla extract)‌, protein blend ​(MILK protein‌, wheyprotein concentrate (MILK)‌, emulsifier ​(E322 (SOYA)))‌, caramel ​(10%) (sweetened condensed skimmed milk (skimmed MILK, sugar)‌,glucose syrup‌, invert sugar syrup‌, palm oil‌, butter (MILK)‌, sugar‌,emulsifier ​(E471)‌, stabiliser ​(E440)‌, salt‌, flavouring )‌, PEANUTS ​(10%)‌,humectant ​(glycerol)‌, sweetener ​(maltitol)‌, hydrolysed collagen‌, MiniM&M’s ​(7%) ​(sugar‌, cocoa mass‌, full cream MILK powder‌, lactose(MILK)‌, cocoa butter‌, starch‌, palm fat‌, shea fat‌, glucose syrup‌, emulsifier(E322 (SOYA))‌, stabiliser ​(E414)‌, colours ​(E100‌, E133‌, E160a‌, E162‌, E170‌,E172)‌, dextrin‌, glazing agent ​(E903)‌, palm kernel oil‌, salt‌, vanilla extract)‌,SOYA protein isolate‌, PEANUT flour‌, glucose syrup‌, sunflower oil‌,flavourings (PEANUT)‌, salt‌, colour ​(E150a)‌, antioxidant ​(E306)May contain ​almonds, ​barley, ​cashews, ​eggs, ​hazelnuts, ​oats, ​pecannuts, ​pistachio nuts, ​wheat ​

Per reep:
Calories 209kcals
Protein 15g
Fat 8.2g
– Of which saturates 3.1g
Carbohydrate 21g
– Of which sugars 12g
Salt 0.3mg

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